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Audition & Application

    • Application 
    • Headshot
    • Resume (cv)
    • $50 application fee
    • Audition: Two contrasting monologues – one contemporary and one Shakespeare (not to exceed 90 seconds each).

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    • Please make sure you’ve examined this entire website and all tabs on this page thoroughly before applying.

    • Feel free to contact us at (212) 362-8141 or conservatory@tomtodoroff.com with any questions during your application and audition process.  We’re here to help!

    • Applying early is strongly recommended; once the limited class spots are filled, applicants will be applying for the wait-list.

    • To Apply: Click on the “Apply Now” tab in the upper left of this page and look for the purple button. Our online application platform allows you to keep all of your application and audition materials centralized. You can save your work and return to it as necessary.

    • Should you experience any technical difficulties with uploading or submitting your application materials, call “Acceptd” Customer Support at 888-725-2122.

    • To Audition: If you have attended a class with us before or you are attending the National Unified Auditions, then you are not required to submit a preliminary audition video; you may simply select the remote audition option (Skype) or make arrangements to audition in person. If you’re new to our program, then please submit a video audition with your application, or plan to audition in-person. You may audition in person by performing in an upcoming TT Class at a city near you or by scheduling an audition at our New York City Studio location. Your online application will prompt you to make this selection.

    • In-Person Auditions at our New York City Studio occur on an ongoing basis. Upon receipt of your application, a TT Team member will contact you to arrange your audition date and time.

    • Video Auditions will be reviewed upon receipt of your application. Qualified applicants will be contacted to set up an interview and, in some cases, a callback audition.

    • Prepare two contrasting monologues for your audition – one contemporary piece and one piece by Shakespeare (not to exceed 90 seconds each).  Please learn these monologues so you are off-book and performance ready!

    • Your choice of material speaks before you do. With this in mind, please avoid material that is overdone.  Need further guidance on selecting material?  Call or email us!

    • Love takes and makes time. Take the time to find material that you love and that reveals your true self!

    • Callback Process – Callbacks for in-person auditions will occur the same day. Callbacks for video auditions will occur either in-person or via Skype within two weeks of receiving your application. The material you perform in your callback will be the same material you performed in your original audition.

    • Please note: Callbacks are neither positive nor negative, they simply allow us the opportunity, if necessary, to get to know you better!

    • International Actors: Remember to request our M-1 Student Visa Requirements via email. International actors who are accepted into the Conservatory will be issued our International Student Visa Program Application.

Two-Year Conservatory Tuition is $16,850 per year.

    • $1000. upon acceptance.
    • $3000. 60 days after or by June 1st.
    • $5000. due on August 1st.
    • $7850. due on October 1st.

    • $1000. due on April 1st.
    • $3000. due on July 1st.
    • $5000. due on August 1st.
    • $7850. due on October 1st.

* All payments must be made in USD.